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Build New Healthy Habits with your Child in 2022

Dear Discovery Center Friends and Families,

Welcome to 2022! The new year brings excitement and opportunities for children to grow, learn and PLAY. The start of a new year gives children and adults a time to focus and to build new healthy habits. 

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition and a wonderful opportunity to engage children of all ages in planning and dreaming. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, goals setting can be an important motivator for children. The group recommends parents and guardians sit down with kids to pick a few things to work toward in 2022.

As 2022 starts off, we are still dealing with the daily management of the COVID pandemic. We know that spending more time in outdoor activities is safer and healthier for everyone. The site 1000 Hours Outside is dedicated to helping children and families set a goal of spending 1000 hours outside this year.

We know that engaging children outdoors has many positive and healthy effects on children this includes building a stronger brain, growing appreciation for nature, and sending the body into a relaxation response which helps with sleep and stress management.

New Years Resolutions

Available on this site are ideas about planning for outside activities and printable trackers for logging your hours.

Little girl with snowman

Parents may also be interested in reading more about the incredible benefits of spending more time outdoors with your children.

In the 1000 Hour challenge, the time outside may look different for every family. It can include game playing, hiking or daily walks with your dog. Each adventure gives children a chance to be in the fresh air and helps children think about their daily plan for the day, “When will we be able to explore outside today?” Being outdoors fosters encouragement and tracking the time shows progress.

At The Discovery Center, we value the power of outdoor play, and our Story Garden is a wonderful place for children to experience time outdoors. Our wide range of special exhibits built just for children are perfect for adding to those 1000 hours. You will never regret a year filled with making memories outside.

Much health and happiness for the New Year,

Dr. Brenda Myers

Executive Director


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