Discovery Kids Programs 2020 - 2021

Now Enrolling Discovery Kids Programs 2020 – 2021

Discovery Kids Club Afterschool Program

Our Discovery Kids Club is for any child interested in making friends, experiencing new things, and diving into the creative process through exploration and invention. 

Binghamton City School District (BCSD) transports children (K-5th) to our program on days that school is in session. Parents must provide transportation for children outside the BCSD. We are open to children from all districts on school holidays.

We place a strong emphasis on community building, leadership, and community service. Our educators will work with you to ensure your child’s afterschool adventure is the kind of experience childhood memories should be made of.

Discovery Kids Club is THE place to be after 3PM!

We provide a safe and happy environment where children can explore, grow, and have fun!


Monday – Friday: 3PM – 6PM
Half-Days: 11AM – 6PM
Full-Days (School Holidays): 8AM – 5PM

We follow the Binghamton City School District (BCSD) Calendar.
We are closed on snow days.

Program Calendar

We are open on BCSD half days of school from 11AM – 6PM and on BCSD school holidays from 8AM – 5PM.

These days are included in your tuition.

The fee for participants that are not full-time is $40/day.

How To Register

Contact Kristy Wales, Director of Education for more information or to schedule a tour. Call 607-773-8661 ext. 209 or email

Discovery Kids Preschool

At the Discovery Kids Preschool, we believe that early childhood should be a time of exploration and discovery. We want children to experience learning at this precious time of life in an atmosphere full of encouragement and filled with stimulation and imagination. We offer a balanced curriculum that focuses on play, creative art, music, outdoor play, conversation, story time, experimentation, dramatic play, and group activities throughout a variety of thematic learning units.

Play and learning flow together in a unique hands-on setting designed with imagination, research, and attention to the needs and spirit of today’s learners. Offering a safe, engaging, and happy atmosphere, the Discovery Kids Preschool fosters play, sparks creative thinking, and builds self-esteem.

Continuing educational opportunities are paramount for all staff for their professional development. The ongoing education and growth mindset enhances their ability to provide the best possible experience for children.

The Discovery Kids Preschool recognizes the need for families in our community to enjoy a preschool experience in a safe, reliable, and healthy environment. It is our goal to provide a quality program that will benefit not only the child, but the family as well.


Discovery Kids Preschool at The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier respects each child as an individual and understands that each child has a unique way of learning. Our staff of early childhood teachers provide a warm, caring environment for children ages 3 and 4 to investigate, explore, play and learn. Children learn and develop in playful activities set among The Discovery Center’s engaging and dynamic hands-on exhibits.

Universal Pre-Kindergarden (UPK)

Discovery Kids Preschool partners with the Binghamton City School District to offer a Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program.
Children 4 years of age (by December 1) and residing within the City of Binghamton are eligible for tuition free enrollment in the UPK program. Discovery Kids UPK program is offered for full-day enrollment (8:30 -2:45PM), Monday through Friday. UPK follows a kindergarten readiness curriculum supplied by the Binghamton City School District and the State of New York. Enrollment for children residing in the City of Binghamton is limited.

Extended Play

The Discovery Center has extended hours for our preschool friends! Extended Play gives children the opportunity to use their imaginations through dramatic role play and create fun arts and crafts. Children will enjoy exploring the museum and navigating through the Discovery Center’s Story Garden. For those families that opt for Extended Play, the hours are 2:45 – 5:15PM. Extended Play is not available on school holidays, however, it is open 11:30AM – 6:00PM on half-days of school.


Full-Day Preschool
8:30AM – 2:45PM

Full-Day UPK
8:30AM – 2:45PM

Lunch for all full day students: 11:30AM – 12:15PM

Half-Day Preschool
Morning: 8:30AM – 11:30AM
Afternoon: 12:15 PM -2:45PM

How To Register

Contact Kristy Wales, Director of Education for more information or to schedule a tour. Call 607-773-8661 ext. 209 or email

The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier


Friday: 11AM – 2PM
Saturday: 10AM – 1PM
Sunday: 2PM – 5PM
Monday: 11AM – 2PM
1st & 3rd Fridays: 4PM – 7PM

The Story Garden is open every day from dawn to dusk.


60 Morgan Road
Binghamton, NY 13903

Phone: 607-773-8661
Fax: 607-773-8019