A Day of Discovery

Enjoy A Day of Discovery

A Day of Discovery

My Grandma got me out of the car
I turned around to see
Blossom the Bull was smiling
And towering over me

My Grandma opened the door for me
I ran to see the fish!
A day of play awaited me
It’s every child’s wish!

The doors to the Museum opened
And I squeezed my Grandma’s hand
What a day of fun for me
That she had planned!

I served her a delicious meal
As she sat down at the diner
Then over to the grocery store
Nothing could be finer!

A quick visit to the Pet Vet
To make the animals well
Then right on to the fire truck
I hear the fire bell!

There’s trees and bees and puppet shows
So many things to choose!
I can even see myself on TV
“Hey Grandma, I’m on the news!”

I’m having so much fun pretending
Activities at every turn
What a great place for me to play
And even better…learn!

But fun places like this can’t go on
Without support from YOU
Your help means so much to the Museum
And thousands of children, too!

There’s nothing else quite like it
It really is a jewel
They even have a Kids Club
And the Discovery Kids Preschool!

Will YOU make a donation today
For this one of a kind spot?
Even just a little bit
really means a lot!

Like so many organizations, The Discovery Center’s revenue streams have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. Our Museum is still operating, but at very limited capacity.

We know you care about children. Please consider making a contribution today to make sure that The Discovery Center is able to provide wonderful memories for children now – and in the future.

The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier


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The Story Garden is open every day 8AM – Dusk, but closed to the public on Wednesdays 9AM – 4PM.


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