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Discovery Kids UPK Students Celebrate Black History Month

Happy Black History Month! Our Discovery Kids UPK teachers decided to approach the month differently this year by directly highlighting key creators and community members in our city of Binghamton, NY.



This week we learned from full time artist and author, Kristen Nicole Mann and her son Legend.

Want to make a Kristen original at home? Here are three stand out details we found after observing her work:

1. Dreamy galaxy background ✨
2. An element of nature ?
3. Words of affirmation border ?

Follow Kristen on Facebook at 1VersatileChic or check out her website at



Here is our 2nd installment of our Black History and Culture Month project featuring multi-media artist and small business owner Dominique Simone! Want to make a Dominique Simone original? Create a self-portrait with a friend to later splice and glue together! Get some YUMMY Jell-O mix and make some “resin-inspired” jello mold sculptures. ?


WEEK 3: 

Here is the final installment of the series! We learned from Brandy Brown – Community Coordinator at NoMa Community Center and MAGICAL multi-media artist.

Advice from a 4 year old on how to make a Brandy original?

  1. Dream up something BEAUTIFUL ?
  2. Make it LARGER THAN LIFE ?
  3. Use as many materials as possible ?
  4. Trust the process ?

NoMa is a community. NoMa is a home. Learn more at

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