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Learn More With Discovery Center School Programs!

The Discovery Center is proud to announce a variety of new programs, including art, science and math programs to compliment our newest exhibit, “What’s the Buzz?” all about honeybees! We offer more than 20 school programs which are sure to be a hit in your child’s classroom as entertainment and education, incorporating state standards, Common Core curriculum and classroom goals with a fun, playful twist! Since there’s more than one way for your child’s class to enjoy The DC’s hands-on experiences, this is the best year yet to buy an educational program!

Field trips are a classic childhood memory, and they foster a love of learning in students. When you add an educational program to your class’s trip, children can learn through touch, role play, exploring, experimenting and challenging themselves with age-appropriate, topical material! Whatever your class’s curriculum needs may be, our programs are a great way to kick off or culminate a themed unit. From the five senses to the Erie Canal, we have a program for you! Cost of $9 per student includes museum admission and a one-hour workshop.

Since many districts are struggling with tightening budgets, we know that field trips can be hard to come by. That’s why The Discovery Center offers every school program as a “Museum to You” program! If your classroom is unable to afford a bus to us, we can bring any of our DC school programs straight into your preschool or school-age classroom. Let your kids get their hands on artifacts from the founding of the Southern Tier, real science tools as they explore the nature of honeybees in a lab setting, and more as they dive deep into the subject of your choice from the comfort of their classroom. Cost is $6 per student.

Parents have power! This is the best time of year to start planning that one-of-a-kind teacher’s gift for the holidays with your PTA or classroom liaison. A Discovery Center school program is a great way to thank your favorite teacher for all their hard work, and a great gift for hard-working students, too! Gift certificates are available to cover some or all of the cost of a school program, and can be purchased before any reservation is made. And don’t overlook our seasonal specials, too. Programs such as “My Spooky Five Senses,” “Day of the Dead Candy Skulls” and “Gingerbread Math” are only available during the first part of the year, so make sure to make your reservation today!

Contact Amanda at (607) 773-8661 x202 or aflorance@thediscoverycenter.org for more information and to make your reservation today!

For more information on any
of our school programs
please contact Amanda Florance
773-8661 ext. 202, or email
Click here to download a Field Trip and Group Visit Guide

School Program News

BOCES Discount! -  
Attention teachers: good for the 2014-15 school year ONLY, you will receive $1 off per person for any school programs ordered through your local BOCES. Purchasing your school program through BOCES means you will be eligible for up to 118% state aid reimbursement, and this year you’ll get our discount on top of that! Enhance your classroom or school field trip with a Museum-to-You or Discovery Center workshop this year through BOCES, and save. Contact your principal or local BOCES representative for more information and to place your order today.


Featured 2014-15 School Programs

Grades K-2 – Candy Math Math will never be this yummy! Learn about the history of sugar and practice your tally skills as we work with counting, pattern making, sorting, and measuring—all use candy as the game pieces!
Grades K-2 – Fabulous Fossils Grab your gear as we become paleontologists and “dig” for clues to help us discover all about dinosaurs! Learn how fossils are made, and hear about the dinosaurs that made them.
 Grades 3-5 – Locks and Dams: Engineering a Canal In this hands-on engineering workshop, students will learn first-hand how a lock-and-dam system makes an impassable part of a waterway navigable. Students work in teams to build a miniature lock system right in the classroom.
Grades 3-5 – Touch Local History! Travel back in time with The Discovery Center and learn about the people who settled your community with a unique, hands-on exploration of your very own local history! TLH is tailored to the local communities surrounding each school district.


Just For Our Preschool Age Friends!

There is something special just for our youngest friends! In these 40 minute classes designed for our preschool aged friends, your students will be dancing and singing, painting and crafting, learning and laughing. Schedule the program here at the museum or we can bring it right to your classroom!

Dinosaur Roar (Grade Pre-K) Pre-K paleontologists set off on a fossil adventure! Explore what dinosaurs looked like, what they ate, and even get your hands dirty with an excavation of your own!

Animals in Winter (Grade Pre-K)
How do animals survive during the cold winter months? Using songs and movement activities, we’ll learn about animal adaptations for survival when it’s cold outside and the food is scarce.

Sand, Sea and Me (Grade Pre-K) Explore the world under the ocean with this hands-on ocean class. Your students will be amazed as they touch live sea creatures and sing fun songs to learn all about our friends under the sea.

The Sensational 5 Senses (For Grades K-2) 
Hop on the brain train as we explore how each of our five senses make sense of the world around us. Students will explore their bodies with interactive experiments and activity stations dedicated to one sense. While moving from station to station, they will complete a “You’re Sensational” booklet to help them see how our senses help our body work.
Learn about nerves and their role in sense interpretation


H20 Bubbles & Beyond
For Grades K-5
Explore the many uses of water and density with our wet and wacky activity stations. Add a little soap for some bubble fun as we learn about the many unique qualities bubbles have.

Starlab Planetarium Show *NEW*
For Grades K-5
The magical world of astronomy comes to life! This portable planetarium is a fun way to learn about the stars. Enter the giant silver dome and explore celestial bodies with our star show. Each show runs approximately 40 minutes. Students of all ages will be inspired to explore astronomy, earth science, oral traditions, history, and mythology.

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